Don’t Return the Iraqi Jewish Archive

Iraq wants the treasures of a Jewish community it persecuted to extinction

It Happened Last Night

GOP gains empower Cantor, not Schumer

Daybreak: Huge Wins for GOP

Plus the Moses Herzog of terrorists, and more in the news

Bennet, Blumenthal Take Home Wins

Jewish Senate candidates look to November

Midterm Jews

Will we shoot the moon and have 18 senators?

The New Jews of U.S. Politics

With more Republicans than ever

Poll: Blumenthal Set To Win Seat

Next Jewish Senate candidate is likely the next Jewish senator

Meet The Likely Next Jewish Senator

Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal expected to win Dodd’s seat

Daybreak: Rahm Drops A ‘Fed Up’ Bomb

Plus the U.S. on Jerusalem, another Senate Jew, and more in the news

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