Romney Makes Strong Case in Illinois

Plus the rising power of the Super PACs

Karger Has Biggest Victory in Puerto Rico

Jewish, openly gay GOP candidate beats out Ron Paul

Defeats for Romney, Jew Pond

Big night for Santorum; and Sheldon Adelson is Romney’s new best friend

Gingrich Awaits Phantom Panel

Speaker gives brief remarks, pledges moving embassy to Jerusalem

A Jewish Guide to Super Tuesday

The big day has arrived!

Romney Contrasts Self With Obama

Slams failed engagement, pledges visit to Jerusalem

Romney in the Driver’s Seat

Santorum, Paul, and Gingrich on the side of the road

A Jewish Guide to the MI and AZ Primaries

Who’s hot and who’s cold

Contraception: A Defense

Rick Santorum may not like it, but it has its benefits

We Will Have (a) Paul To Kick Around

Ron Paul’s compliance today could lead to Rand Paul’s dominance later

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