An Atheist for Religion

In Religion for Atheists, Alain de Botton urges nonbelievers to pick and choose religions’ best offerings

Skirting the Issue?

Why discussing women, clothing, and religion isn’t a waste of time

Whole in One

Two recent books consider whether Jewishness is a religion, a culture, a race, or some combination of the three. The answer may be none of the above.


Working on a book about the United States and Israel, we learned to stop worrying and love the idea of divine election

Losing My Religion

How becoming a father drove me away from Judaism—and my daughters into the Episcopal Church

With God on Our Side

New study says when we talk about God, we mean ourselves

God’s Army?

Is the IDF getting too Jewish?

What Is a Jew?

An essay collection explores the complexities of Jewish identity

DNA Proves Judaism

Which leads some gentiles to convert

A Higher Purpose

What happens when a secular Jewish feminist immerses herself in the world of Evangelical Christians

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