Daybreak: Hamas on the Move

Plus, trouble at the Tomb, the Richard Jacobs kerfuffle, and more in the news

Supply and Demands

The major movements of American Judaism require congregations to follow their rules when hiring clergy. A Duke law professor, a leader at his synagogue, says the restrictions create an illegal monopoly.

Reform Movement Picks New Head

Richard Jacobs has been one of the movement’s most prominent critics

The Black-Jewish Alliance

Recalling that MLK’s greatest allies were often rabbis

Sundown: A Martyr for Organ Donation?

Plus eat bagels not bombs, and more

Teachable Moment

The limits of a cross-denominational partnership aimed at helping Jewish educators

Reform Leader Gets Tough on Iran

Yoffie calls for unity on importance of sanctions

Daybreak: How Dangerous Are Settlers?

Talk and more talk today in the news

Talmud Calls for Universal Health Care

Says Reform movement leader

Daybreak: Mixed Messages

Obama in Cairo, and more from the morning papers.

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