Coming of Age

Writing a song for my synagogue, hearing it sung at Lincoln Center, and finally finding the right words to tell my kids why Judaism is important

A Wise Man

Huppah Dreams

Sundown: Hamas Welcomes J’lem Bomb

Plus, Bo (Belinsky) knows, and more

What’s Eating Reform Judaism?

Rabbi takes to the ‘Forward’ with a theological explanation

Daybreak: Report Says Iran Still Stonewalling

Plus Israel and Russia ink historic deal, and more in the news

Reform Movement Changes Intermarriage Strategy

Proposes special blessings instead of discouragement

Reforming Reform Judaism in Israel

Does the movement have a future over there?

Being Jewish

David Gelernter, a computer scientist and observant Jew, wants his co-religionists to get holy

Sundown: Reform Jews Call For Equality for Israeli Arabs

Plus Israel’s minority, an Olympian soundtrack, and more

An Orthodox-Reform Divide on Health Care?

Reform rabbi wants universal coverage; Orthodox doesn’t

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