Scarlett Johansson Could Be the Tip of the Jewish Spokesperson Iceberg!

Enter The Tattler’s invented world of advertising, where Philip Roth, Mila Kunis, and other MOTs rescue failing brands

Find Out Which Jewish Summer Camp These Celebrities Attended

There’s a website for that

George Friedman (1935-2012)

The world to come has just gotten a better scent

The Strange History Behind ‘Strange Fruit’

Linking the iconic song to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

School Ties

Ivy League style, the quintessentially WASPy American look defined by Jewish designers a century ago, returns to the runways for Fashion Week

Bride of Ralph’s Son to Be Lauren Lauren

Here comes the bride, her name is really snide

The Richest Jews in the World

Sorry, you didn’t make the list

Who Is The Most Jewish Designer?

(It’s probably not John Galliano)

Built to Last

God wants his people to build opulently, as he instructs Moses in this week’s parasha. While today they mostly don’t, there’s always Ralph Lauren, who built a new Beaux Arts mansion in New York.

Sundown: Behold the Power of Stuxnet

Plus mazel to Neil, and more

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