Glenn Beck Is Restoring Courage

Rally in East Jerusalem is what you’d expect it to be

Stars of Rabbi-dom

The year they finally included more women

Reform Movement Picks New Head

Richard Jacobs has been one of the movement’s most prominent critics

Resisting ‘Re-Ghettoization’

Lunch with Yossi Klein Halevi

Daybreak: Europe Moves Against Iran

Plus Yoffie speaks out, and more in the news

Top Rabbi

Chabad’s Krinsky is number one; and 49 more

Jews Debate Jews Debating Obama

Plus the other half of ‘Dysentery’ weighs in

Reform Leader Gets Tough on Iran

Yoffie calls for unity on importance of sanctions

J Street Day 1: Boos for Reform Leader

Rabbi Eric Yoffie still says J Street is wrong on Gaza war; Embassy observer watches from the back

What Did We Learn?

It wasn’t Obama who was on the spot when the Jewish leaders came to call

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