Obama, Iranian President Exchange Letters

And other strange developments

How AIPAC Became the Syria Strike Scapegoat

Obama asked AIPAC to support a strike. Now everyone’s blaming the Jews.

Shanah Tova From the White House

Watch President Obama’s Rosh Hashanah message

U.S. Inaction on Syria Rankles Israelis

Except Shimon Peres

Daybreak: Hezbollah Sustains Losses in Syria

Plus drones, bacon, Billy Joel, and the Church of Scotland

Sundown: The Obama Push for Peace Continues

Israel takes another small step toward Haredi conscription

Sundown: Obama Throws Brushback Pitch on Syria

Plus a New York socialite gets sentenced and John Malkovich arrives in Israel

Full Video of the Obama Jerusalem Speech

Plus a surprising video from the ADL

Sundown: Israel Toasts President Obama

Meanwhile, chaos in Syria takes a major Assad ally

Obama’s Call for Peace Charms Israeli Students

But young Israeli leaders want deeds to match words

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