Prepent 5774: Day 20, Setting Clear Goals

Heading into the Days of Awe with a new appreciation for just that—awe

Prepent 5774: Day 19, Shame and Repentance

Facing our shame is difficult but vital in preparation for the Day of Atonement

Prepent 5774: Day 18, Giving Thanks

As the High Holidays approach, gratitude is more important than ever

Prepent 5774: Day 17, Trust Yourself

Before the High Holidays, a chance to step back and reflect

Prepent 5774: Day 16, Confronting Grief

Looking inward in the days leading up to the High Holidays

Prepent 5774: Day 15, Asking for Forgiveness

It’s one of the central tasks of the High Holidays—but why is it so hard?

Prepent 5774: Day 14, Taking a Break

As the High Holidays approach, finding ways to relax and de-stress

Prepent 5774: Day 13, Store-Bought Happiness

Trying to find lasting happiness—and not just at the check-out counter

Prepent 5774: Day 12, Anger Management

Examining why we get angry, and how to deal with it effectively

Prepent 5774: Day 11, Dealing With Feelings

Entering the second phase of Prepent, with an emphasis on emotions

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