Prepent 5774: Day 40, The End of the Journey

Reflecting on 40 days of focus, hard work, and renewal

Prepent 5774: Day 39, Continuing Onward

With the High Holidays behind us, focusing on maintaining our momentum

Prepent 5774: Day 38, Here I Am

On Yom Kippur, taking stock of our lives and setting goals for the coming year

Prepent 5774: Day 37, The Feast Before The Fast

On erev Yom Kippur, preparing for the fast ahead

Prepent 5774, Day 36, Rituals of Atonement

Different traditions leading up to Yom Kippur mark the day’s solemnity

Prepent 5774: Day 35, Finding God in Tragedy

Who shall live and who shall die—and why?

Prepent 5774: Day 34, Asking For Help

When it comes to the process of repenting, it’s helpful to start small

Prepent 5774: Day 33, The ‘G’ Word

Talking about God during High Holiday services

Prepent 5774: Day 32, Pre-Yom Kippur Cleanse

The cleansing of the mind and soul begins with the body

Prepent 5774: Day 31, Looking Inward

With Yom Kippur fast approaching, a renewed focus on the soul

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