Thanksgiving Without the Turkey

The bird is kosher, unless you’re in one family

The Prague Cemetery

In a new novel, 19th-century Europe is a land of ominous mystery, and a Parisian junk shop is the passage to a lost world. An excerpt.

Where 36 Hours Isn’t Enough

The ‘Times’ goes to Krakow

Postcards From Berlin

Time hasn’t healed it, and the people aren’t helping

Sundown: Michelle Obama Selects a Menorah

Plus, the freeze is temporary, watch the Swiss, and more

The Loew Life

Artist Mark Podwal’s love affair with Prague

The Office Series, Day Four: After Kafka

Nazis in the workplace, what Kafka’s writings presaged

The Office Series, Day Two: Before Kafka

How the writer found his way to an office

The Office: Kafka Edition

A weeklong inquiry into how workaday fact inspired masterwork fiction

Creature Presentation

The Golem migrates from Prague to Springfield

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