Many Holocaust Survivors Live in Poverty Today

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, thinking of—and helping—survivors in need

Grappling With the Rising Cost of Being Orthodox

In Atlanta’s Toco Hills enclave, increased housing prices and tuition bills leave observant families strapped for cash

How You Can Help Holocaust Survivors Living in Poverty

Here are some organizations that offer support to the community

Israeli Poverty Report; KISS Gets Inducted

Plus Dr. Ruth and Hugh Hefner, and more in the news

In Defense of the Crass Consumerism of Walmart—and Everyone Else

Enough already with blasting shopping as soulless: Jewish tradition is nothing if not a defense of commerce

The Reality of Jewish Poverty in New York City

What a newly-released UJA study reveals


There are thousands of destitute Holocaust survivors living in the New York area

Po’ Boy

A haftorah of pride and property

Israeli Census Stats Released

Palestinians more impoverished; ultra-Orthodox more hungry

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