The One-State Solution Appears in California

Candidate in Democratic primary supports it; most oppose her

Anti-Israel Paul Wins Conservative Contest

Will CPAC victory harm GOP with Jews?

The New Jews of U.S. Politics

With more Republicans than ever

We Tried to Warn Obama

Rabbi Michael Lerner emails to call out the president, in the cause of tikkun olam

Poll: Blumenthal Set To Win Seat

Next Jewish Senate candidate is likely the next Jewish senator

J Street Establishes Local Chapters

Dovish political org. comes to a city near you

Lieberman’s Betrayal

That’s no way for a Jew to act, Senator

Orthodox Communities Set Against N.Y., N.J. Gay Marriage

And in New York, the vote’s today

Canada’s Conservatives Suggest Liberals Are Anti-Semites

Or so Liberal leaders claim

GOP Touts Jewish Party Switch in N.J.

The end of Jewish-Dem alliance? Not so fast, notes JTA.

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