‘We Swat, We Sweat Together’

Your best ping pong haikus

Punk in the Beerlight

David Berman and his father’s sins

Today on Tablet

A love of herring, Sheikh Jarrah, and more

Today on Tablet

Sarah Silverman pees like a Jew, and more

Yehuda Halevi: The Poetry Contest

Find your inner 11th-century poet and win an iPad

Today on Tablet

Spy games, evading the next Holocaust, and more

The Earthly Dreamer

Poet Edward Hirsch and the dignity of everyday existence

Politics and Poesy

In early 20th-century Poland, poet Shmuel Nadler took off his yarmulke and took up with the Communists

A Clockwork Doll

Dahlia Ravikovitch and the poetry of the plainspoken

Sensible Swoons

Charles Bernstein and the poetry of antic glee

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