Wicked Sons: Benjamin Kerstein, Doron Rabinovici, and Norman Finkelstein

Is Jewish rebellion really a form of submission? Two new novels and one political critic examine apostasy.

AIPAC Nixes Journo Who Rarely Writes on Israel

At least four journalists requested, did not get credentials

Gross in Jerusalem

The travel writer and the ‘Times’ effect

Is Oakland Palestine?

The left sees Occupy Wall Street and the Palestinian cause as common

Roger Cohen Has a Jewish Problem

Which is to say, it is an Israel problem, too

On the Bookshelf

Polemics and pleas, productive and inflammatory: new books on Israel and Palestine

Tough Self-Love

Today on Tablet

Mondo Weiss

Idiosyncratic and influential anti-Zionist blogger Philip Weiss has a complicated relationship with Israel, American Jewry, and himself

My Magazine, Right or Left

Does Tablet Magazine have a bias?

Playing With Fire

When the comments on the blogs of Stephen Walt, Andrew Sullivan, Philip Weiss, and Glenn Greenwald turn ugly, who should be held accountable? Plus: A Jew-baiter’s lexicon.

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