One-Fifth of Top Donors Are Jews

Includes Bloomberg and Soros; does not include Adelson

Adelson Denies Israeli Political Involvement

Philanthropist likes Birthright as bulwark against intermarriage

Today Marks Anniversary of Madoff Confession

This day in infamous Jewish history

Sundown: Rabbis Protest James Cameron, Richard Dawkins

Plus another scary move by Iran, Federation fundraising, and more

‘Forward': Jewish Charities Keep Glass Ceiling Intact

Few women in top posts, significant pay gaps

Daybreak: Iran at the Table

Plus a somber anniversary, a big giver, and more in the news

New UJC Chief

Brings fundraising experience, clipboard, and whistle


Cheryl Saban’s journey from beach bunny to philanthropist

House Party

An eccentric philanthropist is paying young people to be Jewish—whatever that means

Rise and Tithe

Charitable giving from Leviticus to Rothschild

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