Sundown: Die, Nazi Scum!

Plus how Jews vote, R.I.P. H&H, and more

United States and Israel at a ‘Crossroads’?

Think-tanker Haim Malka calls for less military aid, for Israel’s good

Is Jeremy Ben-Ami Mr. But?

Dispatch from the corner of 92nd and J

Peace Process-niks

J Street, Beinart draw a crowd for ‘Day of Action’


An IDF vet with ‘a great sense of discomfort about my own personal behavior’ when he patrolled the Occupied Territories now leads a group called Breaking the Silence dedicated to exposing the messy work of occupation

Sundown: FBI Suspected AIPAC of Spying

Plus Rivers crosses Palin and lives to tell about it, and more

Angel Dust

Jacob struggles with the angel in this week’s parasha. As a new book about an Armenian family’s history shows, we must do the same.

Heads Up

J Street chief Jeremy Ben-Ami calls the plays for the first self-confident alternative Jewish establishment

Sundown: Shanah Tova Edition

Sending you off with extra material

Israel and the Youngs

New report rebuts claims of generational seachange

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