America’s Anti-Gun Theocrats

Should rabbis and other clerics engage in politics? Only, it seems, if they support liberal policies.

Voting Jewish Values

Policies proposed by Mitt Romney, especially on education, are antithetical to fairness and compassion

Sign of The Rising?

Blue-collar bard actually wears blue collar at Obama campaign concert

Daybreak: Biden and Ryan Debate Iran and Syria

Plus Sherman v. Berman: a rumble of the  Jews?

Sundown: Vice Presidential Debate Is On

Plus Turkey accuses Russia of arming Syria, and more

Holocaust Gaffes Are A Bipartisan Habit

A busy week in Holocaust misappropriation

Hitler on the Campaign Trail

Republican and Democratic politicians are reviving a favorite Nazi debating point this election season

A Prayerful Beginning to the RNC

Rabbi Meir Soloveichik leads the RNC crowd in prayer

Why Romney Won’t Strike Iran

The three factors that explain why a Republican president is no more likely to stage a pre-emptive attack

Your Paul Ryan Roundup

Even more about the Jews

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