Listen Up

A deaf Muslim atheist responds defiantly to the debate over the ‘Ground Zero mosque’

Early Sundown: Sukkot Edition

Plus unrest in East J’lem, and more

Sundown: Ayalon and Fayyad Don’t Play Nice

Plus Peres and Barak paint the town red, and more

Sundown: Next They Take Manhattan?

Plus your definitive Jewish Silly Bandz comparison, and more

Daybreak: Report Says Iran Still Stonewalling

Plus Israel and Russia ink historic deal, and more in the news

Our Favorite Senator Backs Park51

Utah’s Hatch says owners have right to build

Sundown: The Talks Must Go On

Plus Rosenfels can’t catch a break, and more

Another View of ‘Cordoba’

Does history live up to the Islamic center’s ideal?

Sundown: Write Your Own Punch-Line

Plus nuclear reactors for all, and more

Today on Tablet

A new year in New Orleans, Horowitz v. Luban, and more

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