What Little League Baseball Taught Me About Being a Jewish Parent

Bending my rules—but not breaking them—let my son play ball without forgetting that family and synagogue still come first

SermonSlam Tries to Make D’var Torah Cool

A new Jewish initiative to update old models of observance takes the stage

Written in the Stars (Or Not)

To overcome fated lives, the Talmud’s rabbis argued, perform virtuous acts according to Torah

Faith and Observance for Millenials

A rabbi and a minister talk about a resurgence of the Sabbath

Modern Muslim Girls

Documentary film The Light in Her Eyes reveals how a Syrian school upends notions about religious education


Rethinking the traditions of tish and bedeken for a progressive, egalitarian wedding

Private Practice

A group of intermarried Jewish women gather for Shabbat but pack away their identities


Fasting, reflecting, and a series of sorries—all our Yom Kippur coverage

Fast Food

Advice from rabbis and a nutritionist on what to eat when you won’t be eating

Melancholy Melody

Kol Nidre gets me every time

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