Jews Debate Jews Debating Obama

Plus the other half of ‘Dysentery’ weighs in

On the Bookshelf

Propaganda old and new

Muscular Movement

In a new history of neconservatism, Senator Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson emerges as a pivotal figure

Imaginative Assault

An excerpt from a new history of Commentary shows how the fiction published in the magazine’s early years shook not just the world of Jewish literature but the very foundations of American letters

On the Bookshelf

Infidelities, legacies, comedies, and child prodigies

Silent Right

How Jewish conservatives blew it on Iraq and Iran

Today on Tablet

Jews on liberal Jews, artsy ‘ritual’, wild honey pie

Why Are Jews Liberals?

A symposium

Today on Tablet

Talmud for sale, hear the music, vote Democratic

The Long Goodbye

Norman Podhoretz unravels the mystery of Jewish attachment to liberalism

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