Mo Yan’s Jewish Interpreter

The D-student translator behind the Chinese winner of the Nobel Prize in literature

Daybreak: E.U. Passes New Sanctions on Iran

Plus Franz Kafka’s unpublished work will go to Jerusalem

Nobel Literature Prize & Israeli Elections

What’s up? A follow-up to our round-up

Will Bob Dylan Win the Nobel Prize?

Plus the swastika comes to Twitter

Fact of the Day: Olympics Edition

The Nobel Prize/Olympic medal divide

Agnon’s First First Edition

A birthday plea for Israel’s only lit laureate

Daybreak: The Egyptian Army’ll Get Back to You

Plus, Syria resolution vetoed, Grapel still jailed, and more in the news

Number Theory

Elon Lindenstrauss, the first Israeli to win a Fields Medal in mathematics, brought home a prize that marks Jewish achievement in the field

Magic Keys

Promised a prized object, an aspiring writer and family friend helped Isaac Bashevis Singer’s widow sort through his possessions. But some things will always remain out of reach.

All Turned Around

The hero of I.B. Singer’s newly reissued The Magician of Lublin is torn between bohemia and bourgeois respectability, Jews and Gentiles

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