Brave New World

The Zeitgeist movement is the first Internet-based apocalyptic cult, centered around a doomsday-proclaiming film and an ideology filled with classic anti-Semitic tropes

Midday: Gaza Tensions Subsiding

Plus Peretz in winter, and more in the news

Guy Finds Nazi, Maybe

Lawsuit could establish new class of plaintiffs

Report Details U.S. Knowledge of Nazi Residents

Newly revealed document shows CIA awareness

State of Denial

It’s time for Israel to rethink its rejection of the Armenian Genocide

Getting Along

Why isn’t a Jew allowed to hate a fellow Jew?

Self-Made Golem

Simon Wiesenthal, painted in a new biography as a fame-seeking myth-maker, is also the man who insisted that the world face up to the Holocaust

Sundown: The ADL’s ‘Strange Relativism’

Plus Lubavitcher Rabbi Krinsky sez: ‘Go Sawx!’ and more

Latvian Rightists Celebrate Nazis

‘Holocaust obfuscation’ continues in the Baltics

Worst. Ringtone. Ever.

German man arrested after phone rings

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