Naming a Royal Baby? Try This Jewish Tradition

Some tried-and-true advice for Kate and William who await the birth of their second child

What’s in a Name? Ask Seth Cohen

The NYC resident is on a mission to locate and meet every other Seth Cohen

What Your Jewish Last Name Says About You

A look at the history and roots of common Ashkenazi surnames

Why I’m Keeping My Name

I’ve been teased about it my whole life, but my name is a part of me. Getting married won’t change that.

Name Shame

In the latest installment of Tablet Magazine’s illustrated question-and-answer column, we meet Malachi and watch as Mitzi meets an ignominious end

Apple to Introduce a Tablet?

Get your own name, Jobs!

A Guss by Any Other Name

Lower East Side picklery to lose name, too

Wanted Arsonist is Such a Doll

The newest American Girl shares her name with a fugitive.

House of the Holy

When you’re called God, the pressure for genius is titanic

Crazy Talk

Jonathan Goldstein riffs on his Hebrew name, gifted students, space aliens, and other things he thinks you should know about him.

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