The Clinging

Tablet Fiction: An evil spirit has entered a living person. Can the Rabbi perform a Jewish exorcism?

Madonna’s Homeless Brother Dishes on the Pop Queen’s Childhood Passover Seders

Exclusive footage of Anthony Ciccone singing his sister’s hit ‘Like a Prayer’: ‘It means something to me,’ he says

Balkan Mystery

In Leeches, a novel by the Serbian Jewish writer David Albahari, Belgrade plays home to nationalists, anti-Semites, and kabbalistic puzzles

Under a Spell

The long history of Jews and the occult

Woman of Mystery

Author Benjamin Moser explores the enigmatic life of Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector

Rabbi, Mystic, Miracle of Nature

Tells fortunes in Brooklyn, right or wrong

The Loew Life

Artist Mark Podwal’s love affair with Prague

In the Spirit

If you’ve never understood Kabbalah, music might be the way in

Spirits in the Material World

Uncovering the legend of the dybbuk

Radical Mystic

A onetime scientist’s progression from atheism to spiritualism

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