Nebbishy Doc Raps Swine-Flu Advice

‘DocRock’ and five prevention tips

Amy Winehouse Raps About Being Jewish

And smoking bacon

Sorry Songs

Musical selections to put you in the mood for atonement

Today on Tablet

Talmud for sale, hear the music, vote Democratic

Bob Dylan, New GPS Voice

One problem: No directions home

Matisyahu Releases New Album, ‘Light’

Mixes electronica, guitar rock into the reggae, to not-so-great reviews

Israelis Turn Beatboxer Pro

Even if Hebrew-language skills still elude him

Play It Again, Len

Israel begs Cohen to add one more show

Chic Radical

A new biography is overly impressed by Leonard Bernstein’s liberal politics

Songman Cohen to Donate Concert Sales

He plays Tel Aviv in September

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