Sing It, Sam

Today on Tablet

Moroccan Grooves, Blogged

A fan scours record collections from Marrakech to Montreal for music by Morocco’s bygone Jewish pop stars

A Hot Mess

Never mind the nice Jewish girls like Natalie Portman, the most compelling character in today’s pop culture is Amy Winehouse, a Jewish mother’s worst nightmare but still daddy’s little girl

This Is Your Brain on Sephardic Music

Today on Tablet

Today on Tablet

Fighting information warfare, Auslander vs. Jews, and more

‘These Jews Wailing Away With Their Songs’

Your Vox Tablet preview

Today on Tablet

Dining chez POTUS, Turkey troubles, and more

Tablet Magazine Celebrates One Year

These are a few of our favorite things, part 4

Sundown: Orthodox “Rabba” Not Universally Beloved

Plus a new music school, a ‘Housewives’ spat, and more

Nextbook Author Talks Gershwin, Dylan

Lehman traces Jewish influence in American music

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