Being Jewish Made Kunstler a Radical

Legendary lawyer’s daughters speculate as their documentary opens

Israel’s Tax Law Brings Billionaire Home

Foreign income is untaxed, so movie producer Arnon Milchan moves back

Lebanese Critics Pan ‘Lebanon’ Movie

Saying it’s one-sided

Toronto Film Fest to Honor Tel Aviv, Controversially

Canadian, Israeli directors protest

Critics Fascinated, Repulsed, and a Little Bored

By ‘Inglourious Basterds’

G.I. Jew

In Israel, the ‘real American hero’ was a different kind of soldier

David Mamet and Anne Frank

Coming to a theater near you

Natalie Portman, Hasid

Trailer for ‘New York, I Love You’ sure to thrill Jewish boys everywhere

Writer Budd Schulberg Dies

Writer, former Communist, name-namer, and maybe bad for the Jews

New ‘Harry Potter’ Is a Holocaust Allegory

Or else it’s a Christ allegory

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