Toronto Film Fest to Honor Tel Aviv, Controversially

Canadian, Israeli directors protest

Critics Fascinated, Repulsed, and a Little Bored

By ‘Inglourious Basterds’

G.I. Jew

In Israel, the ‘real American hero’ was a different kind of soldier

David Mamet and Anne Frank

Coming to a theater near you

Natalie Portman, Hasid

Trailer for ‘New York, I Love You’ sure to thrill Jewish boys everywhere

Writer Budd Schulberg Dies

Writer, former Communist, name-namer, and maybe bad for the Jews

New ‘Harry Potter’ Is a Holocaust Allegory

Or else it’s a Christ allegory

The ‘Forward,’ ‘Brüno,’ and Pickles

Excellence in design

Israeli Anti-Semitism Documentary

Makes only its filmmaker look bad

Britney, Survivor

Pop-star Spears in talks for a Holocaust movie

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