Eat, Pray, Love Your Brother

The Julia Roberts blockbuster—and the Elizabeth Gilbert memoir it’s based on—get the prayer part all wrong

Toy Soldiers

A haftorah of breaking down and sobering up

Your Oscar Cheat Sheet

Here’s what to root for

Israel Nears Third Straight Oscar Nomination

‘Ajami’ is country’s first Arabic-language submission

Judah’s Avatar

Watching James Cameron’s CGI epic and reconsidering the Hanukkah story

Brittany Murphy’s Mother Was Jewish

Deceased actress was very close to her

With a Vengeance

A haftorah of jealousy and judgment

Being Jewish Made Kunstler a Radical

Legendary lawyer’s daughters speculate as their documentary opens

Israel’s Tax Law Brings Billionaire Home

Foreign income is untaxed, so movie producer Arnon Milchan moves back

Lebanese Critics Pan ‘Lebanon’ Movie

Saying it’s one-sided

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