Blues and Roots

Composer and bassist Omer Avital joins American jazz with Israeli and Arab styles, especially Yemeni and Moroccan, to create music with a new and vital connection to a shared Middle Eastern past

On Fire

A tragedy in Israel lets the ‘ethnic genie’ out of the bottle

Today on Tablet

Aliyah B intrigue, Chagall de-Jewified, and more

Road From Damascus

Struggling to maintain a Mizrahi heritage in an Ashkenazi-dominated culture

Daybreak: Jewish, Latino Groups Combine Ranks

A cantorial tour, Syrian Jews, and more from the news

Eastern Exposure

A new book examines the world of Israel’s ‘Arab Jews’

The Blame Game

Caught with his pants down, Israel’s president pleads prejudice

Roots Music

Galeet Dardashti finds the Israeli audience her grandfather never had

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