Obama’s Sarah Silverman Problem

The comic’s political videos are actually the worst representation of the president’s subtlety and values

Appraising the Jewishness of Last Night’s Debate

Who had the town hall debate’s most Jewish question?

Daybreak: Taking the Fight to Long Island

Plus Hamas fires anti-aircraft weapon at Israel for first time ever

The Libya Blame Game

Losing sight of what’s useful

An American and Israeli Election Round Up

Or perhaps proof of why we need more Jewish holidays

Obama vs. Romney in Arabic

For years, the Arabic press promoted the conspiracy that Jews fixed U.S. elections. That’s changing.

Daybreak: Debating the Debate

Plus the Free Gaza Movement’s promotion of Holocaust revision

America’s Future in the Mideast

Thomas Friedman, Elliott Abrams, Walter Russell Mead, and Aaron David Miller advise the next president

Daybreak: Let the Debates Begin

Plus Alan Gross gets a visit from Cuban Jewish leaders

Sheldon Adelson, Latke Seeker

The donor speaks out in a rare interview

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