The Marathon Bombers Were Clear About Their Motives. Why Is Masha Gessen Confused?

In ‘The Brothers,’ her new book about the Boston attacks, the Russian émigré writer empathizes with fellow displaced people

Masha Gessen Named Carnegie Fellow

Organization honors author of ‘The Brothers,’ a book about Boston Marathon bombers

The Children of Refuseniks Report From the Frontlines of Putin’s Russia

Journalists Masha Gessen, Miriam Elder, and Michael Idov talk about a changing Russia and their place in it

The Family Profession

Keith Gessen and Masha Gessen read from their new books at BAM event

Masha Gessen to Write Book on Boston Suspects

That was quick.

Standing Up to Putin

The Man Without a Face, Masha Gessen’s biography of the Russian leader, reminds us why U.S. Jews must put pressure on a repressive foreign regime

Dispatches from Russia’s Jewish Autonomous Region

Courtesy of Masha Gessen

The Things We Carry

What happens when your inheritance includes a life-threatening genetic mutation?

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