Today on Tablet

Kosher is as kosher does, and more

Lost in Translation

A Ramallah man struggles to find a reading public for Maimonides

Shatnez Shock

Pondering one of the Torah’s woolliest rules

Lice to Meet You

A statistical rundown on the scourge of schools and camps

Halevi Versus Maimonides

Two authors contrast the outlooks of their subjects

Maimonides Worked Here

Egypt (quietly) restores 1000-year-old school

Political Legacy

A new book examines the debt 17th-century republicanism owed to Jewish sources

On the Bookshelf

Montefiore, Madoff, Mailer, and Maimonides

Sundown: Philosophical Claims

Milk, more Madonna, charity, and the lack thereof

Physician’s Assistance

What would Maimonides say about health-care reform?

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