Bibi the Traitor

In which the PM is an innocent bystander to the criminalization of dissent

The New Loyalty Oath

Bill would ban East J’lem Arabs from leading tours

Bibi Moderates on Loyalty Oath

New bill would require pledge of Jews, too

Daybreak: The Salvage Job

Plus Hamas may have anti-aircraft missiles, and more in the news

What Did You Do in the Loyalty Oath War?

In defense of Mike Leigh and other boycotters

‘Declaration of Loyalty’

Your weekly dose of Israelispeak

Today on Tablet

The Judeophilic Nobel laureate, and more

Bibi Floats Oath Quid for Freeze Quo

Fixation on settlements forces right-wing victory

Sundown: The Israeli Pledge of Allegiance

Plus Colorado shuls are cyber-attacked, and more

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