Romance Bloomed for a Jew and an Asian American, Until Tribalism Trumped Love

I said I’d convert to placate my boyfriend. But his family would never disregard the fact that I was Korean.

Is This the Last Shabbat Without Your Soulmate?

7 Jewish women in Baltimore would like to think so

Woody Allen Making Love: A Supercut

The most fun you’ll ever have without laughing

A Jerusalem Love Story

What happens when an Israeli and a Palestinian, separated by checkpoints, meet and fall for each other

The Scroll Shidduch Series

Calling all the single ladies in the District of Columbia

Love and Other Interests

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Love Stories

“Tell Me,” Tablet Magazine’s illustrated question-and-answer column, considers some beautiful, wise, nuanced, and surprisingly terse looks at love and heritage

Weaseling Out

In the latest installment of Tablet Magazine’s illustrated question-and-answer column, we consider life’s seeming senselessness—and the recycling system at Whole Foods

Love and Marriage

In the months before ‘I do,’ romance falls prey to planning

On Not Learning to Flirt

On Valentine’s Day, reflecting on the limits and boundlessness of a father’s love

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