To the Galilee

A new English translation of fiction by Nobel laureate S.Y. Agnon, for Lag BaOmer

My Parents’ Israel, My Apartheid

A South African goes home to Israel

A Genius in the Attic: Secrets of a Cape Cod Dacha

Tablet original fiction, on Vladimir Nabokov’s 116th birthday

Holy Thief

Tablet Original Fiction: a rabbi, a broken soul, and a huge wad of cash

Becoming Moses

Michael Freund is on a mission to lead millions of self-declared Jews home to Israel. What happens if he succeeds?

Ahlabustin, or Russians in Punta Cana

In deep winter, Tablet Original Fiction set in the all-inclusive resorts of the Dominican Republic

The Lost Tribes of Israel

The Jewish state seeks to bring the Bedouin in from the desert

In the Boxcar

Seventy people, speeding into the unknown

Switzerland Today

A short story by Michael Chabon

My Jewish Feminist Problem

Why my sisters can’t think straight about Israel

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