An Update on the Free Chinese Food Mystery

The source of the order has been pinpointed

Come Hear About the New Deli Scene

A Tablet talk featuring Katz’s Jake Dell and Mile End’s Noah Bernamoff

My Hip-Hop Nation

If a society’s vitality is evidenced by the pulse of its dance music, then there’s hope for Israel


Comment of the Week

What ‘Schindler’s List’ Is Hopeful About

The Rebutter


Cain and Abel offer an important lesson, says a UCLA professor in the new book Bloodlust: It’s familiarity, not otherness, that breeds violence.

Die, Nazi Scum!

Today on Tablet


Rosa Luxemburg was a Marxist activist in early 20th-century Berlin, murdered by her political enemies after World War I. She’s the topic of the debut edition of “Long Story Short,” a new podcast on people and ideas in Jewish life.

Our Least Interesting Author

Comment of the Week

Today on Tablet

Pyromania, authenticity, and more

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