Ordinary People

Two new books, The Druggist of Auschwitz and Reluctant Accomplice, offer true stories of average citizens’ divergent responses to Nazi rule. They help us examine our own rationalization of genocide.

Sundown: You Don’t Mess With the Hitch

Plus, the most Jewish HBO series yet, and more

A Newly Paved Arab Street?

Wieseltier and Ibish cast uprisings in instructively similar lights

The Socialist

Friends and Politics, Part 2: Irving Howe. The prominent critic and I worked on Yiddish translations together, but a dispute over Israel and its Arab neighbors ruptured our relationship—until we reconnected over literature.

Sundown: The Week That Nothing Happened

Plus a few minor things that happened, and more

Peretz Agonistes

The ‘TNR’ editor heads for the Holy Land

Higher Truth

In her new book, critic Ruth Franklin argues for why the Holocaust is best understood through fiction

Jacobson’s Politics and England’s Jews

Intellectual skywriting with James Wood, Harold Bloom, and more!

Wieseltier on Park51

The best thing you will read, the last thing you should

Leon Wieseltier’s Plan for Iran

‘Democratization and deterrence’

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