The Wall Street Journal Needs a Linguistics Lesson

Hundred percent, as the Orthodox say

University of Texas to Bring Back Yiddish

The Austin university last offered Yiddish language classes 10 years ago

When My Baby Says Her First Word, Will It Be in English or in Russian?

As a Soviet Jewish émigré, I broke all ties to Russia and its language—or so I thought, until my daughter was born

Hebrew’s Special Pride

Firgun is the ungrudging pleasure one takes in another’s good fortune, and there’s no English word for it

Fighting Words

Kids are exposed to many loaded terms each day, from ‘gay’ to ‘Yid’ to the n-word. Some are OK to use, in some contexts, for some people. Some are not. How can we teach them which are which?

Amid Dying Languages, Yiddish Lives On

Reports of its death are greatly exaggerated

Slips of the Tongue

What the use of Yiddish phrases can tell us about contemporary American Jewry

The ‘Nakba’ Catastrophe

Israel bans an Arab word, unwisely

Resurrecting Hebrew

A fascinating biography as well as a moving personal journey.

Tongue Tied

The romantic, bumpy road to learning a new language

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