‘The Big Lebowski’ and Oreos Celebrate Birthdays

How 1998 forever changed Judaism across the world

French Public School Refuses Pork Alternatives

And just as horsemeat is becoming trendy

Why Horses Are Not Kosher

The horse meat scandal ropes in Taco Bell

Treasury’s First Orthodox Chief

Jack Lew, Obama’s pick for Treasury secretary, is the highest-ranking Orthodox Jew in U.S. government history

Sundown: Egypt to Ease Up on Sinai Crackdown

Plus Turkey fires upon Syrian targets for the second day

A New Recipe for Kasha Varnishkas

This week in Jewcy, our partner site

Hunting for Kosher Food Among the Elephants

Will I subsist on Chex Mix at this year’s Republican National Convention?

Marine Animals

The French President has taken up the far-right line on ritual slaughter

Smell Test

After a lifelong curiosity about the prohibition against pork, one writer finds a satisfying answer—in the writings of the late Christopher Hitchens

Thanksgiving Without the Turkey

The bird is kosher, unless you’re in one family

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