Could the Failure of the Oslo Process Doom Israel’s Friendship With Jordan?

With no good options on the horizon, Jerusalem and Amman are on a collision course over the Palestinian issue

Daybreak: Overdue Justice for Daniel Pearl?

Plus U.S. chides UN Human Rights Council for excessive focus on Israel

How Jordan’s King Hangs On

The monarch studied the Arab Spring and created a savvy plan to quell demonstrators without mass violence

Daybreak: Iran Thaw?

Plus Meshaal in Amman, elections in Israel, and more in the news

Jordan’s King Needs Peace Process Progress

Abdullah visits D.C., helps P.A. to bolster own authority

Palestine’s Most Surprising Opponent

Neighboring Jordan might fear statehood even more than Israel

Daybreak: Unity Blues

Plus Obama ditches Weiner, and more in the news

Daybreak: Gaza Escalating

Plus, Syria continues to crack down, and more in the news

The View from Israel

Wariness over Egypt and Jordan, and hope for common ground

Jordan’s Islamists Back Off the King

Abdullah II has a year to make reforms, they say

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