Sundown: Palestinian Stations Raided

Plus meh, and meh

Happy Birthday, President Lincoln

Former president appears in forthcoming Nextbook Press book

How Jewish Is Lady Grantham?

Jonathan Sarna weighs in on 19th century Cincinnati Jewry


A new Federation census doubled the Jewish population of Portland, Ore., overnight. Now the question is who they are and how to connect with them.

Where Jews Stood on Slavery

The Civil War divded more than just North and South

On the Bookshelf

Shifting foundations: of five-legged tables and other theories of Jewish identity


Sukkah City, in New York’s Union Square, was my attempt to bring Sukkot the attention it deserves

Parts of the Whole

In the reflective period of the High Holidays, Tablet Magazine—together with rabbis and writers—considers the debate over Jewish identity and makes an argument for inclusiveness

When Grant Expelled the Jews

Coming in 2011

Field Study: Why Shavuot is All But Ignored Across America

The holiday is a favorite among scholars, but is it too abstract to become popular among all but the most engaged or observant Jews?

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