‘Kosher Soul’ Turns My Life Into a Farce

Lifetime’s new reality show is a poorly-drawn caricature of blacks and Jews

Color Erases, Color Paints

Growing up mixed race in Monsey, N.Y.

We’re Here. You’re Just Not Paying Attention.

It’s time for mainstream Jewish organizations to engage Jews of color

A Hanukkah Protest Against Police Brutality

Menorah lighting and blessings punctuate rally for social justice

Old Tensions Resurface After Chabad Attack

A Jew of color in Crown Heights braces for racist backlash

Eric Garner, C’est Toi

A Jew of color explains why anti-black violence should concern all Jews

Daybreak: Is Hillary Losing the Jews?

Debunking myths, subway slander, and more from the news

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