Google Palestine Hacked; Hamptons Eruv Fight

Plus Russian Jews for Jesus in Brighton Beach, and more in the news

Sundown: Messianic Jews Hosted Santorum

Plus Anne Frank’s tree in Israel, and more

Sundown: Obama Supplicates Abbas

Plus remembering Fischer and Uncle Leo, and more

Today on Tablet

Fast-prep, a different kind of South African Jew, and more

Holiday in the Hinterland

Once home to Jewish immigrants, a South African city today hosts a very different sort of Jewish practice

Jews for Jesus Founder Dies

And speaks from beyond the grave!

Messianic Jews Are Different

And not just because of their beliefs

Blinded by the Light

A documentary on Bob Dylan’s Christian phase

Ham Hocks and Hellfire

Amid instructions on making paper dolls came Grandmother’s plea for my salvation

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