Israeli Police Officer Killed in Jerusalem Attack

Palestinian man drove car into train platform; attacked crowd with iron bar

Tensions High at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

After Israeli police kill Palestinian suspected of shooting of right-wing rabbi

Right-Wing Activist Shot in Jerusalem

Rabbi Yehuda Glick seriously wounded in reported assassination attempt

Suspected Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem

Update: One dead, at least eight people injured when car hit light rail station

How To Make Middle Eastern Stuffed Vegetables

Video: Filled with warm rice and unexpected spices, they’re perfect for a cool autumn night—as a side dish or vegetarian entree

Jerusalem Above / Jerusalem Below

Kitra Cahana’s photographic art and why it was a good match for S.Y. Agnon

The Road to the New Jerusalem

To understand what’s happening in Crown Heights today, look at Instagram

Johnny Cash in the Holy Land

The country singer—and a founding father of American Christian Zionism—died 11 years ago this week

The Right Hand Washes the Left

How ultra-Orthodox Jews and the secular left are forging an unlikely peace coalition in Israel

N.J. Yeshiva Student Missing in Israel

Aaron Sofer, 23, was last seen hiking in the Jerusalem Forest

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