Jerusalem Through Its Mayor’s Eyes

Nir Barkat leads foreign journalists on a telling tour of East Jerusalem

An Interview with Israel’s Most Wanted Man, Rabbi Yehuda Glick

The man who may spark a religious war wants Jews to pray alongside Muslims on the Temple Mount. Is his dream a death wish?

How Israel Reacted to a Racist Attack on a Jewish-Arab School

Jerusalem rallies behind coexistence school torched in arson attack

Remembering the Druze Officer Who Died Defending the Jerusalem Synagogue

Ultra-Orthodox Jews across Israel attend the funeral of Zidan Sayif

Four Killed in Terrorist Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue

American-born yeshiva head Rabbi Mosheh Twersky among the victims

Apocalypse Soonest

Muslim and Jewish extremists who yearn for the End of Days may get their wish—but not as they envision it

Israeli Police Officer Killed in Jerusalem Attack

Palestinian man drove car into train platform; attacked crowd with iron bar

Tensions High at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

After Israeli police kill Palestinian suspected of shooting of right-wing rabbi

Right-Wing Activist Shot in Jerusalem

Rabbi Yehuda Glick seriously wounded in reported assassination attempt

Suspected Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem

Update: One dead, at least eight people injured when car hit light rail station

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