Stuxnet Is Remarkable, But Perhaps Limited

‘VF’ piece suggests worm may not be the panacea many hoped

Word Matters

Discussing the recent burst of celebrity anti-Semitism—and whether it really matters—with Abraham Foxman, Jeffrey Goldberg, Emily Nussbaum, and Matthew Hiltzik

Daybreak: The State of the Union

Plus Giffords is Good, and more in the news

Iranian Nukes: Probably Delayed

Cutting through the last week’s thicket of rhetoric

The New Track to Palestinian Statehood

Will anti-settlement sentiment prove a tipping point?

Iran Is Better-Armed Than We Thought

Leaks also confirm that Arab states favor bombing

For Lack of a Better Option

Why the U.S. cut the freeze-extension deal

The Gallivanting Spatula

Words Jews use

Al Qaeda’s Special Animus

Why Jews remain important players in a global struggle

Sundown: Cantor’s Strange Non-Bedfellow

Plus Archbishop Tutu calls for boycott, and more

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