Sundown: A Unified Palestine?

Plus Oren stands up for Israel, and more in the news

No Stupid Idea Is An Island

Can you outdumb The Island?

Stuxnet Is Remarkable, But Perhaps Limited

‘VF’ piece suggests worm may not be the panacea many hoped

Word Matters

Discussing the recent burst of celebrity anti-Semitism—and whether it really matters—with Abraham Foxman, Jeffrey Goldberg, Emily Nussbaum, and Matthew Hiltzik

Daybreak: The State of the Union

Plus Giffords is Good, and more in the news

Iranian Nukes: Probably Delayed

Cutting through the last week’s thicket of rhetoric

The New Track to Palestinian Statehood

Will anti-settlement sentiment prove a tipping point?

Iran Is Better-Armed Than We Thought

Leaks also confirm that Arab states favor bombing

For Lack of a Better Option

Why the U.S. cut the freeze-extension deal

The Gallivanting Spatula

Words Jews use

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