Sounding Off

Note to some of my fellow progressives: If we can’t argue about Israel without using anti-Semitic tropes, then the debate is lost before it even begins

Sundown: U.S. to Shutter Embassy in Syria

Plus, Atlanta publisher under fire, college kids for Ron Paul, and more

A Brief History of the NYT’s Israel Coverage

Inside baseball on Jerusalem bureau chiefs past and present

Happy Hanukkah!

A reminder of how many days there are

Sundown: Iceland To Recognize Palestinian State

Plus, election day in Egypt, El Al ‘ambassadors,’ and more

Libya’s Gain Is World’s Loss

Qaddafi mourned from the streets of Brooklyn to the shores of Tripoli

Livni on Goldblog

Kadima party leader says American Jews being put in a tough position

Sundown: Bibi Agrees to Obama’s ’67 Premise

Plus, Arab League considers Security Council, creepy Breivik surgery, and more

Ayalon vs. Goldberg, on Twitter

Let’s get ready to rumble!

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