Daybreak: John Kerry to Visit Israel After All

Plus Ambassador Oren’s close link to the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane

Daybreak: Murdoch Apologizes for Bibi Cartoon

Plus fact checking claims on Chuck Hagel

Daybreak: Israeli Vote Splits Even

Plus more looks at the Israeli election

Daybreak: NY Senate Approves Gun Control

Plus impressive contents of the Afghan Geniza are revealed

Some Useful Reading on Guns and Gun Control

Ezra Klein and Jeffrey Goldberg weigh in

The End of the Two-State Solution

Losing the only right answer

Defeat Hamas. There, I Said It.

We must drop the assumption that there is no way to vanquish Hamas. Terrorists have been defeated before.

Beware of Even Numbers

The film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and the dangerous failing of the media

Sundown: Iran Expanding Underground?

Plus the former Penn State President speak

Professor Finkelstein

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