Sundown: Fear the Olmert?

Plus Jay-Z lights the menorah in Brooklyn

Black Bar Mitzvahs

Now trending…

Sundown: New Sanctions on Iran Urged

Plus Syrian refugee toll could rise as high as 700,000

Sundown: Young Jews, Many Still Support Israel

Plus the Jewish EGOTs, and more


A Jewish Ukrainian immigrant needed a voice to help reconcile her foreign past and her American future. She found it—in Kanye West.

Kanye Is Like Murdered Jews, Hitler, Says Kanye

He is practically begging Drake to respond!

Jewish Rapper’s Bickering Beef With Kanye

New single from West and Jay-Z disses Drake; will he respond?

Sundown: Lebanon Is Hummus Champ

Plus YamulKap, ash over Israel, and more

Introducing ‘Forest Hills State of Mind’

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys ain’t got nothing on this

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