The Hidden One of N.J.: Why Dara Horn Is the Best of the New Breed of Jewish Novelists

Her fourth novel, ‘A Guide for the Perplexed,’ reanimates the past without falling into the traps of ‘Shtetlworld’ nostalgia

TV Is for Dummies

Stop comparing television shows to great novels. They’ll never be as good.

The Mythmakers

Rachel Kushner’s new novel The Flamethrowers is overly cool and stylish. So, why do the critics swoon for her?

James Wood on Joshua Cohen

The New Yorker critic raves and so do we

Peretz Agonistes

The ‘TNR’ editor heads for the Holy Land

Higher Truth

In her new book, critic Ruth Franklin argues for why the Holocaust is best understood through fiction

Jacobson’s Politics and England’s Jews

Intellectual skywriting with James Wood, Harold Bloom, and more!

Evangelical Intellectuals: Heirs to the Jews?

Malcolm Gladwell, panelists discuss their former faiths

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